Local 81 is your Tokyo based production company creating film/TV content. This site is testament to our mantra: integrity in our work.
Integrity means going above and beyond the call of duty. Contact: miracles-included@local81.jp

We're NOT going to tell you we "know Japan" because we don't need to. Our work is a testament to it. With highly experienced, bilingual production staff for shoots in Japan, you'll "speak the language" by maximizing our bailiwicks of locations, casting, creative staff and even more creative solutions.

Local 81 owner/operator Christian Storms -- yes, it's his real name -- has produced over 50 hours of award winning documentaries, reality shows, music videos and commercials with 81's A-list production crew (local producers, location coordinators, camera, sound, art, you name it.).
Our clients keep coming back for our "pro-active dedication" in accomplishing their shoot goals. Offering advice comes with the job.

Christian Storms has produced in ten Asian countries and South Africa. He is a former director/producer for Fox Sports Japan. Read his story below.

BROADCAST Top Gear The BBC's most popular and longest running show. Local producer (Christian Storms), production manager (Junya Sheena), location manager/ferry (Masato Yamada), coordinator/aerial (Mon Takada), PAs, casting, transport, aerial photography. Raced the Nissan GTR versus Japanese public transport (local train, bullet train, subway, bus, ferry, ropeway, bike). Other segments below.
Nissan GT-R Fuji International Speedway. Mitsuoka Orochi & Mitsuoka Galue Toyota Chair (iReal)
I wanted so to say a huge thank you on behalf of us all here in the UK!! We all have really enjoyed working with you, and do hope that we can work again on more projects in the future. I'd be really grateful if you could also pass on our thanks to all your team over in Japan who have worked so hard on the shoot. I do hope perhaps that you will be over in the UK sometime, so that we can meet you in person. Many thanks again for all your hard work on the project - hugely appreciated!! Susie Cooper Production Manager, Top Gear Entertainment, BBC Vision


- KE$HA/MTV My Crazy Beautiful Life Behind the scenes footage (travel to venue, rehearsal, fan meet & greet) and live concert. 11/12/2013 Zepp Tokyo. Prod/Dir: Christian Storms. Cam: Chris Shepherd on C-300.

- The Last Explorers (BBC 1) The life of Thomas Blake Glover and his contributions to modernizing Japan. 1 month recce/shoot. The presenter is Neil Oliver from the COAST series. Local Producer (Christian Storms) filming in Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Kyoto, Tokyo. Assistant Coordinator/Driver (Mon Takada).

- Chopin Changed My Life. Channel 4 Television (UK) Chopin and in particular about Ballade Number One in G Minor and what the piece means to those who play it. Made by the team who produced Holocaust - A Musical Memorial from Auschwitz (BBC). Local producer (Christian Storms) filming a 15 year old Japanese girl in Sendai.

- Golfing World (UK) coordinator/translator.

- Fox Sports Japan Contract Producer/Director (Jan to Aug 2013 Japan). Created doco style player day-in-the-life pieces, entertainment stories (FUKUOKA YAFUOKU! DOME tour), historic/fan based stories (OSAKA CLASSIC) for broadcast on the weekly show BASEBALL CENTER. DOP/B cam/lightening director for IN PERSON interviews with host and players/coaches. Edited monthly filler into story based segments. Please email christian@local81.jp for a complete demo reel.

REALITY TV THE AMAZING RACE ASIA Season 2 Japan (AXN/Active TV) Local Facilitation, Line producing, locations, PM, LM, 20 PAs, cameramen, art department, transportation, hotels, visas, arrival/departure out plans.
Field Producer (Season 3, all episodes).
2008 THE AMAZING RACE ISRAEL (Japan episodes) After two races, Local 81 knows that producing 8 locations simultaneously is the most exciting production challenge in the business.
AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL Season 3 (UPN/Ten by Ten) 3 episodes in 2 weeks. All levels of production from locations, local crews, transport, art, lights, fashion photo shoots/fashion show, high level security, production services, catering. 50 staff plus models.

SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup / 2010 FIFA World Cup (FIFA/HBS) Country Producer (Japan). Produced/edited footage/interviews for the pregame and postgame shows. Embedded with the Japan team. Country Cameraman (Japan) Chris Shepherd
Much More Than a Game (Sportsbrand TV) Field producer/director (Christian Storms). Cameraman (Chris Shepherd)
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
Badminton World Magazine: 2011 (Total Sports Asia). A half-an-hour feature show about the Yonex Open Japan Super Series. Field producer/director (Christian Storms). Cameraman (Chris Shepherd).
FIVB Volleyball World Cup Japan
UEFA Champions League Official Store Opening (Story at UEFA.COM)


NEWS Nick News: "In Harm's Way: Japan Through the Eyes of Its Kids" (Emmy Award Winning Children's show) Shooting in the earthquake and tsunami regions of Kesennuma, Ofunato, Rikuzentakata, Ishinomaki and Fukushima. Intimate access to children and their families.
iTunes Podcast Episode 9
For viewers inside of Japan
For viewers outside of Japan
Tohoku Japan Earthquake Field Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, Transport for Channel 7 Sunday Night (Sydney), Russia Today TV.

SPORTS Fox Sports Japan Contract Producer/Director (Jan to Aug 2013 Japan). Created doco style player day-in-the-life pieces, entertainment stories (FUKUOKA YAFUOKU! DOME tour), historic/fan based stories (OSAKA CLASSIC) for broadcast on the weekly show BASEBALL CENTER. DOP/B cam/lightening director for IN-PERSON interviews with host and players/coaches. Edited monthly filler into story based segments.

NIKE - Where's the Next Ronaldinho (Traktor/W+K) After 50 soccer fields and 150 actor auditions, in the true Traktor style, we cast a real-life high school coach plus 20 of his students and the lead boy shooting at an actual high school with two 16mm cameras plus two steadicams, art, lightening, hair/make-up, sound, transport, catering, on the subway with 50 extras and finally a noodle shop.


Canon HD XL H1 Our team of consisted of: LP, PM, PC, location coordinators, camera assistants, ADs, grips (panther dolly and jimmy jib) lightening, casting, art, wardrobe, hair/make-up, transport, catering for the London based creative house COAST group of director, cameraman and producer. This one minute commercial was shot in a bamboo forest using an action star.




J POWER CM (location coordinator)

Services include:

  • line producing, production coordination, location scouting/management, permits, local crew/gear, casting, travel arrangements, transport & customs/carnet as well as meticulous pre-production
  • location scouting/selection/negotiation/management. FTP location library/uploads.
  • casting with name or non-name Japanese talent.
  • A list crew (directors, DOPs, ACs, sound, ENG, art, hair/make-up, gaffers, steadicam, behind-the-scenes)
  • camera gear (all camera systems from Super 16/35 to HD to Sypdercam to 4K to Canon7D (4K RED ONE/Mysterium-X, HD High Speed Phantom HD GOLD, HD Cineama Cameras Arri ALEXA PLUS, Sony CineAlta F23, HDCAM, HDV, DVCPROHD, P2HD, the list goes on)
  • aerial photography
  • lights from HMI, Halogen, FLO, LED & EL (feature kits via Kurosawa Film Studio)
  • grip gear (from techno cranes to Panther dollies, whatever you need) We share office space with a grip company SJP Inc. Demo reel
  • stunt men/action filming, horses and stunt cars. Local 81 works with the stunt men from Miike Takashi films like Sukuyaki Western Django and 13 Assassins.
  • transport: car/mini-van/location buses and drivers. High end insurance package/car navigation system. Picture vechicles as well.
  • full production insurance (crew/kit/location)
  • airport pick up/return
  • hotel discounts with broadband connections
  • security for high profile celebrities
  • International cell phones. Non-Japanese cells generally WILL NOT work in Japan.
  • meal planning/catering
  • full financial/transparent accounting
  • W - whatever you want
CHRISTIAN'S STORY: local81logo I love production because I love solving problems. As James Garner in THE GREAT ESCAPE, I'd prefer to be called a local based producer than a fixer. I hope that can better shape and mold your creativity vision to match the production realities. Please email me for a resume.
Someone once told me that this is a business of personalities and I completely agree. My clients almost always come back or refer their friends which is really wonderful and that helps because TV especially can be a shit business sometimes.
Right now, you're probably trying to figure out who to hire for your production. As the Grail Knight says in INDIANA JONES AND THE LAST CRUSADE, "But choose wisely, for while the true Grail will bring you life, the false Grail will take it from you."
Some people you might come across have only been fixing news or interviews. The majority have zero feature film experience. I worked on THOR for 6 months and several Takahashi Miike films like SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO.
Many have never managed a budget over 20K. I have created, negotiated, and managed production budgets up to 30 million yen (300K) for commercials, TV shows (Top Gear BBC), reality TV (The Amazing Race Asia, Americafs Next Top) and fashion photography shoots (Saatchi & Saatchi). I have hired and managed up to 40 local staff in all departments and 32 drivers at one time.
If you've seen a Japanese film, I probably translated the subtitles as I have done over 60 Japanese films. A lot of people claim to be bilingual but many of them cannot read or write Japanese which means the research they can bring into a project is only English based or exactly what you can do from your PC overseas.
As a director, I worked for FOX SPORTS JAPAN. I've directed music videos and short films and was first unit director on a film that went to Sundance. translation, dialogue coach website
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